03 - 11 - 2020 / Your Story


I am Slovakian by origin, and I have made Scotland my home since April 2006, working as Electrical Technician for Scottish Water. I had chosen to vote No because I wanted Scotland to remain in EU and watching International news there had not been the support in recognition of Scotland as independent country that time.

After the independence and Brexit referendums, Nicola Sturgeon has had multiple speeches in International conferences and the world media recognised Scotland and its people being victim of one-sided political movements in UK.

It was for me as starting point.

After the shambles in meaning what Brexit meant to represent and no clear action it was clear the outcome of Brexit would be disaster for UK and Scotland.

In future UK national elections, the representation of Scotland has diminished, and it was clear no matter what people of Scotland want, there is no chance for Scottish people to be heard in the House of Commons.

It has now become dictatorship of England majority and Scotland as a nation is ignored – for me, it was the final straw. I feel frustrated with the Westminster government and I do not see any way for Scotlands' voices to be heard.

I am now becoming even more convinced for Scotland to gain its independence it might require actions like "The Velvet Revolution" (a non-violent transition of power in what was then Czechoslovakia, occurring from 17 Nov - 29 Dec 1989) which took place in Prague in 1989 to gain independence.

I no longer believe Devolution or Federalism is the way forward.

The gap in desires and need of Scottish people are now too wide and different to Westminster’s servicing only the needs and desires of people living in England.

Martin from Argyle & Bute

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