Progress Scotland commissions public opinion polling, focus groups and other research to better understand how people’s views are changing in Scotland. Progress Scotland Ltd is a private limited company. Its Managing Director is Angus Robertson.

Angus Robertson - Progress Scotland

Angus Robertson

Angus Robertson is a Managing Director of Progress Scotland. He serves on the Advisory Council of the Scottish Policy Foundation and is a member of the UK Privy Council.

He was depute leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Westminster SNP Group Leader and MP for Moray from 2001-2017.

Angus Robertson was campaign director for the SNP’s three most successful election campaigns: in 2007 and 2011 for the Scottish Parliament, in 2015 for the UK Parliament and the 2014 Scottish independence campaign.

What others have said about Angus Robertson:

“The most formidable campaign organiser of any political party in the United Kingdom”.

Kevin McKenna - Guardian

“One of the UK’s most formidable political strategists. Perhaps the most formidable”.

Tim Montgomerie - Conservative Home

“The unofficial leader of the opposition in Westminster. He simply stands head and shoulders above Jeremy Corbyn - or indeed any of the other party leaders.

Ian Dunt -