What is

Progress Scotland

Progress Scotland aims to help prepare the case for Scotland to progress towards independence, keeping pace with the views of the people who make their lives here.

We will research the opinion of people in Scotland and test their appetite to emulate the most successful small countries in the world.

We will provide insight and analysis on what is needed to persuade people on the case for Scotland to make progress.

Changing Views

Scotland is changing and people are changing their minds about Scotland’s future too. Here are some people whose views have been changing since the Scottish independence and Brexit referendums:

Erin Mwembo - Progress Scotland

Erin Mwembo

Mike Dailly - Progress Scotland

Mike Dailly

Caroline Castle - Progress Scotland

Caroline Castle

Murray Foote - Progress Scotland

Murray Foote

Cllr Ashley Graczyk - Progress Scotland

Cllr Ashley Graczyk

Sir David Edward - Progress Scotland

Sir David Edward

Chris Wilson - Progress Scotland

Chris Wilson

Have you changed your views since the Scottish independence and Brexit referendums?

Please let us know and help us with our research. Click here.