17 - 09 - 2020 / Your Story


I am a Labour supporter who voted No in the first Scottish independence referendum. I have never voted for the SNP and believe a union of equals would make us stronger. But I think I was wrong and would now support independence.

A union of equals is a pipedream.

I always thought with a sensible competent government in Westminster the case for independence would be weaker. That is true, but why run the risk of being shackled to the mendacious buffoonery of the Tories ever again?

I thought the case for Remaining in the EU was transferable to the Union, but it is not. The EU has major faults, but it generally acts in the interests of its members (see Eire and the GFA) and treats them as equals. The UK Government do not, they only play to their nativist base

I do not like nationalism of any form.

Erecting barriers in an increasingly globalised world is a backwards step that fails to address the challenges of ensuring continued globalisation is translated into a fair and equal society. But Scotland has always been outward looking

I was raised and grew up in England, but Scotland has been my home for most of my adult life. I have married and had children in Scotland. I do not want to generalise, but it is always seeming much less insular than when I go back to England and increasingly so.

And though I think Labour’s vision would produce a more equal society than the SNP, the SNP are not the enemy here. Free university, prescriptions, hospital parking etc are sound policies.

The enemy is nativism, those people who are protecting the interests of native-born or established inhabitants against those of immigrants and protecting the agenda of the 1% of England above everything else.

Rod from Edinburgh

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