08 - 02 - 2020 / Your Story


I was a two-times Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and after becoming disenchanted with my party and increasingly appalled by the ongoing crisis in a Westminster political system that has become unfit for purpose I have changed my position on independence.

It is clear Westminster is an anachronistic lay-over from Britain's Imperial past and was never built to change.

As the Tories and Labour drag the UK towards a cliff-edge for the sake of zero-sum political posturing I have become angrier that the voice of Scotland, heavily to Remain in the EU, has not only been ignored but is treated with contempt.

As the British media and political establishment continue to show willful ignorance and Imperial arrogance in their treatment of Ireland it is obvious that Scotland will never be seen as an equal partner in this union.

It is time for an Independent Scotland in Europe, where we can stand as one of many equals rather than a colonial possession of a decaying English political system.

Tris from Edinburgh