03 - 04 - 2019 / Your Story


I am not Scottish, I moved from Argentina to Scotland six years ago and I've never lived anywhere else in the UK.

I couldn't vote in 2014 but I remember being in favour of No. As much as I would have loved an Independent Scotland, I found the Yes campaign a disaster.

Looking back, it's easy to understand how Westminster won with their scaremongering campaign. The Yes campaign was based on emotion and could not answer anything of the future of Scotland. People didn't want the uncertainty of it, and I did wish for a better plan so Scotland could be independent.

Little by little, my posture against the Union of Equals started growing watching the House of Commons and the abuse Scottish MPs received.

Then obviously, BREXIT.

The fact that what Scotland wants is irrelevant and they are not included in any part of Brexit negotiation, kind of lets you see what it is going to be like from now and on after we leave the EU.

I think Scotland would be better as an equal in Europe than as nothing at all, in this Union.

Scotland doesn't deserve this, but most importantly the UK doesn't deserve Scotland.

I have never felt any animosity towards me as an immigrant. Glasgow and the whole of Scotland have always welcomed me, but after Brexit I started feeling utterly rejected and depressed, this constant nagging of not being wanted here.

I try to remind myself it's not Scotland, but I'm also aware that, as it is; it doesn't matter if Scotland wants me here. If Westminster wants to kick me out - it will.

I can apply for British naturalisation in August if I manage to produce £1300 but the good thing is that once naturalised, I'll be able to vote for YES in the next Referendum.

Jimena from Glasgow