28 - 06 - 2022 / Your Story


I am from Germany but I moved here in 2017 and was not here when both of the referendums took place but I actually feel both angry and sad that Scotland is not treated with the respect it should be in a Union of four countries.

Instead, Scotland is being ignored and Westminster only takes our resources.

I am not a professor of politics, but I watch nearly every debate in the parliaments, and it is horrible to notice that only the SNP MPs and sometimes Welsh MPs seem to think clearly and know what they are doing.

It's a farce that people like the leaders of the opposition as well as the Prime Minister may lead the United Kingdom or more accurately; they will send us to economic and social hell and then disappear.

Furthermore, the whole Conservative party, as well as the Labour party, should organise themselves from a fresh start because they all think differently about Brexit and there is something going badly wrong.

The Independence thing was totally clear to me from the beginning, but now that I know more about it I must admit that there are some questions I couldn't answer.

The Scottish government should really take their time and tell everybody clearly before a second referendum:

  • How they plan to be economically stable?
  • How they plan to refer to a European membership?
  • What is going to happen about the currency?
  • How Scotland will stay economically fluent?
  • How is Scotland going to be financed to replace all the institutions of the reserved matters?

We can't just rely on our oil as we need to get away from fossil fuels for a greener future

I am Pro-Europe and Pro-Independence. I am from Germany, but I chose Scotland as my new home and I couldn't imagine living in a country that gets treated in such a bad way.

I really hope that people will wake up and I hope that we will all decide for a better future in Scotland with a vote in favour of independence.

Selina from Fife