27 - 04 - 2019 / Your Story


I voted No in 2014 because I believed EU membership was uncertain, and it seemed like a very big risk to leave UK and EU together.

Working in Science, I knew having strong collaboration efforts was the best way to excel together. Currency was being threatened. A lot was on my mind. No seemed the safer option all round.

We had received the white book 'Scotland's Future' from Holyrood about all the plans for an independent Scotland. I didn't bother reading it. I didn't value how much had been planned. I didn't see independence as a viable option, being an avid BBC watcher from Aberdeen, I knew the oil was running out.

I voted Remain in 2016 and seeing the outcome, England ripping us out regardless, I have never felt so betrayed. Never felt so ignored. I immediately regretted my wasted independence vote. I analysed the statistics and could see the clear divide across our "union".

I now pay attention to politics. Watching BBC Parliament for even the shortest time shows how disrespected Scotland is in Westminster.

I feel like Scotland is treated like an asset, like property - Owned

It is important to have strong collaborations and alliances; I still believe that. What I can't believe however, is how much Westminster treats Scotland like property.

You cannot be a partner with people who feel like they own you.

Union is a two-way street.

I would Vote Yes in a heart-beat now. Recently I have seen independence banners and billboards. It's really getting my hopes up. I see a way out of Brexit oblivion.

I showed a good friend BBC Parliament for 20 minutes during Brexit debates. Now she can also see the disregard for Scotland and is ready for indyref2.

Now I've read ' Scotland's Future - Your Guide to an Independent Scotland ' on the plans Holyrood had for independence in 2014. It is so concise. So well planned. I'm disgusted by myself for not even opening it until this year. It shames the plans for Brexit.

Three of my immediate family voted No in 2014, now all of us have changed our mind to a strong Yes. Three of us have flipped 180 degrees from being No to Yes.

It is absolutely possible to change minds and get independence.

We've got to plan this well. We must not lead with aggressive patriotism or threaten anyone for their opinion. We must show promise and possibility, show how clear the plan is.

I'm ready for independence now. Sorry I'm late.

Emma from Aberdeenshire